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......@@ -3,6 +3,69 @@ Changelog
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
## [v3.1.3] - 2020-04-05
### Added
- Add ability to filter audit log in admin UI ([Gargron](
- Add titles to warning presets in admin UI ([Gargron](
- Add option to include resolved DNS records when blacklisting e-mail domains in admin UI ([Gargron](
- Add ability to delete files uploaded for settings in admin UI ([ThibG](
- Add sorting by username, creation and last activity in admin UI ([ThibG](
- Add explanation as to why unlocked accounts may have follow requests in web UI ([ThibG](
- Add link to bookmarks to dropdown in web UI ([mayaeh](
- Add support for links to statuses in announcements to be opened in web UI ([ThibG](
- Add tooltips to audio/video player buttons in web UI ([ariasuni](
- Add submit button to the top of preferences pages ([guigeekz](
- Add specific rate limits for posting and following ([Gargron](
- Add federation support for the "hide network" preference ([ThibG](
- Add `--skip-media-remove` option to `tootctl statuses remove` ([tateisu](
### Changed
- **Change design of polls in web UI** ([Sasha-Sorokin](, [ThibG](
- Change status click areas in web UI to be bigger ([ariasuni](
- **Change `tootctl media remove-orphans` to work for all classes** ([Gargron](
- **Change local media attachments to perform heavy processing asynchronously** ([Gargron](
- Change video uploads to always be converted to H264/MP4 ([Gargron](, [ThibG](, [ThibG](
- Change video uploads to enforce certain limits ([Gargron](
- Change the tooltip "Toggle visibility" to "Hide media" in web UI ([ariasuni](
- Change description of privacy levels to be more intuitive in web UI ([ariasuni](
- Change GIF label to be displayed even when autoplay is enabled in web UI ([koyuawsmbrtn](
- Change the string "Hide everything from …" to "Block domain …" in web UI ([ThibG](, [mayaeh](
- Change wording of media display preferences to be more intuitive ([ariasuni](
### Fixed
- Fix `tootctl media remove-orphans` ignoring `PAPERCLIP_ROOT_PATH` ([Gargron](
- Fix returning results when searching for URL with non-zero offset ([Gargron](
- Fix pinning a column in web UI sometimes redirecting out of web UI ([Gargron](
- Fix background jobs not using locks like they are supposed to ([Gargron](
- Fix content warning being unnecessarily cleared when hiding content warning input in web UI ([ThibG](
- Fix import overwrite option not being selectable ([noellabo](
- Fix wrong color for ellipsis in boost confirmation dialog in web UI ([ariasuni](
- Fix unnecessary unfollowing when importing follows with overwrite option ([noellabo](
- Fix 404 and 410 API errors being silently discarded in web UI ([ThibG](
- Fix OCR not working on Safari because of unsupported worker-src CSP ([ThibG](
- Fix media not being marked sensitive when a content warning is set with no text ([ThibG](
- Fix crash after deleting announcements in web UI ([codesections](, [ThibG](
- Fix bookmarks not being searchable ([Kjwon15](, [noellabo](
- Fix reported accounts not being whitelisted from further spam checks when resolving a spam check report ([ThibG](
- Fix web UI crash in single-column mode on prehistoric browsers ([ThibG](
- Fix some timeouts when searching for URLs ([ThibG](
- Fix detailed view of direct messages displaying a 0 boost count in web UI ([ThibG](
- Fix regression in “Edit media” modal in web UI ([ThibG](
- Fix public posts from silenced accounts not being changed to unlisted visibility ([ThibG](
- Fix error when searching for URLs that contain the mention syntax ([ThibG](
- Fix text area above/right of emoji picker being accidentally clickable in web UI ([ariasuni](
- Fix too large announcements not being scrollable in web UI ([ThibG](
- Fix `tootctl media remove-orphans` crashing when encountering invalid media ([ThibG](
- Fix installation failing when Redis password contains special characters ([ThibG](
- Fix announcements with fully-qualified mentions to local users crashing web UI ([ThibG](
### Security
- Fix re-sending of e-mail confirmation not being rate limited ([Gargron](
## [v3.1.2] - 2020-02-27
### Added
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ module Mastodon
def patch
def flags
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